At MASTERS you get a Total Body Workout

  Martial Arts in Deer Park and Pasadena Texas

   Our Teens & Adult classes are a great workout.  You will train every muscle in your body for overall body sculpting and fitness.  Your TaeKwonDo workout contains strength, cardio and flexibility components.  TaeKwonDo really focuses on the core.  You never get bored working out because you are always learning new things and setting new goals.






I Joined MASTERS because I thought it would be a great way to get in Shape.  Honestly I think its one of the Best things that has ever happened to me.

                 - Brandon Hale, MASTERS black belt


Clear your mind of daily worries for 1 hour

     What better way for you to blow off some steam after work than to train at MASTERS where for 1 hour you can punch things, kick things, jump and yell.  You will forget about  your deadlines and problems as our instructors lead you through a high energy, fun, exciting Martial Arts workout.  Get in touch with your primal warrior side and put the modern day world on snooze for an hour.  You will return refreshed and recharged.



Martial arts pasadena texas & deer park

MASTERS is the original mixed martial arts.  Since we started in 1987 we have been integrating the powerful strikes and kicks of TaeKwonDo and Karate, the throws and ground fighting of Judo and the joint locks of HapKiDo.  At MASTERS you don’t learn a bunch of flowing flowery movements that look nice in a Jet Li film, you learn effective no-nonsense street fighting techniques that you can use to defend yourself in a life or death situation.  We hope you never have to use anything you learn at MASTERS but it’s nice to have the confidence that you are safe.



Always good to know how to handle yourself...

I started Taekwondo for self defense.  When you're out late its always good to know how to handle yourself and it's a good stress relief from school and troubles in life.

                                     - Kristel, College Student


New Friends are Always Welcome 

MASTERS taekwondo Karate Hapkido judo- the original mixed martial arts


     At MASTERS everyone is family.  As you join our Academy, senior ranking students are always willing to lend a hand to help you with your training.  We have many social activities that we do outside of the Academy.  Many lifelong friendships have started through TaeKwonDo training with us.




Can adults really get started in martial arts?

     Many times when you think of starting a Karate Class you think of UFC cage fighting and figure that you probably won’t be able to go to work on Monday morning if you have a battered face and a broken arm.  The reality is that training at MASTERS is safe and customized to each individual’s needs and fitness level.  We have had students start in their sixties and have done exceptionally well.



How to Apply for Admission

Step 1

Speak to an Instructor


Call us at (713) 910-KICK (5425) and ask to speak to an Instructor



Fill out the form to the right and an Instructor will call you to discuss your interest in learning at our Academy.


Step 2

Private Lesson

Attend a private lesson where we teach you the 7 basic moves of Taekwondo and we also evaluate you to see your starting point in physical condition and abilities.

Uniform purchase is not necessary.  We will lend you a Uniform for the private lesson.

Step 3


After having a chance to evaluate our program, if you are sure that we are the right school for you  then our school manager will be happy to take care of the enrollment for you and you can start at the next available class.





No one could teach as many students as we have for as long as we have without offering something really special.

(it's 31 years now but we didn't want to redo the cool graphics)


Master George Weissfisch

 TaeKwonDo Champion

One of the most decorated Heavyweight fighters in

U.S. Taekwondo  history

•2000 Pan Am Championships - Gold Medalist
•1997 Maccabiah World Championships- Gold Medalist
•1997 U.S. Open - Gold Medalist
•1994 World Cup - Bronze Medalist
•3X National Championships- Gold Medalist
•4X National Collegiate Champion
•6X Texas State Champion
•Captain of U.S. Collegiate Team & 2000 U.S. National Tae Kwon Do Team.

2012 & 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Coach

 Master Weissfisch was selected as a part of the coaching staff for the 2012 Olympic Games in London and 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  This is why MASTERS is one of the few schools in the country that can give children that Winning Mentality, Confidence & Self Discipline of an Olympic Champion.



Top Notch Staff

All of the MASTERS Instructor staff, from the Chief Instructor, Assistant Chief Instructors, Instructors, Assistants and even down to Class Leaders are trained and certified in the MASTERS system developed by Master Weissfisch.  They are taught to be skilled Martial Artists and also how to be great teachers.

At MASTERS we hire instructors who really care about their students




We offer 5 different classes to choose from for teens and adults.  Plus if you miss class you can attend any of the other classes for a Make Up class.  If that doesn't work out for you we have a special make up class available on Friday , and if all that doesn't work (perhaps if you are out of town or sick for the week) then you may arrive 30 minutes before your normal class on the following week and one of our instructors will work with you one on one to catch you up on the curriculum we covered while you were out.  We don't let our students fall behind yet our schedule is really flexible.

Families Can Train Together

Moms & Dads can train together with the kids in the Same Class.  Of course we put the adults on one side of the mat and the kids on the other so adults train with other adults and kids partner and practice with other kids, but parents learn the same curriculum and can be a part of their child's training.  It's Great exercise and self defense, and most importantly a family oriented activity.

A family that Kicks together Sticks together

Master Barbara Kunkel

"If you want your child to excel in not just Martial Arts, but in life then this school is for you. Master George Weissfisch is committed to influencing the community as well as the nation.

He has a desire to not only teach, but to empower kids and adults to be the best they can be and then go out and pass it on.

I had the opportunity to be a teammate with Master Weissfisch on the U.S. National Taekwondo Team where he represented the U.S. well in competition, and then passed on his experiences to his athletes. He then became one of our National Team Coaches, once again sharing his expertise on a national level. "

2000 U.S. Olympic Team

Master Peter Bardatsos

"Master Weissfisch was my teammate on the US National team for 5 years. Not only was he my teammate and a great friend but he is a wonderful person and one of greatest martial artists of our time.

I have seen him interact with kids, teenagers and adults and he is the consummate professional in whatever he does.

If you are anywhere near his school in Texas, I highly recommend this place."

6X U.S. National Team

MASTERS is very different than the other martial arts schools around...Would you like to see why?





This is the only place you can join that combines the four elements of  (1) Exercise to be healthy  & in good shape  (2) Self Defense to protect yourself and your family (3) Mental relaxation to melt away stress and (4) make new friends to stay motivated in your training.  Come join us at MASTERS and see how much fun you will have getting fit and learning something new.

Available Class Times:

Monday & Wednesday at 5:15 - 6;00 p.m.

Monday & Wednesday at 7:15 - 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday & Thursday at 4:15 - 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday & Thursday at 6:15 - 7:00 p.m.


fitness exercise martial arts in pasadena texas


Pasadena Location

Pearland Location

3432 Spencer Hwy.
Pasadena Texas 77504
Between Strawberry & Burke
Behind Popeye’s chicken & Starbucks

1 Mile from Beltway 8

11901 Shadow Creek Parkway  Ste. 129 (McHard rd)
Pearland Texas 77584
1 Block west of Kirby
Next to Dollar Tree

Shadow Creek Ranch Area


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