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NinjaCare Saves you Time & MONEY


Plus develops Focus & Confidence





Parents want their kids doing something productive

So many parents want the benefits of Martial Arts for their kids, but they work until 5 or 6 in the evening and cannot make it home in time to pick up their child from daycare and then get them to TaeKwonDo class.  Even if they could get off of work a little early and rush a couple times each week, that cuts into homework time, dinner time and family time. 

That's Where

NinjaCare comes in

We pick up your child directly from school, eliminating the need for a daycare and saving you time.  We transport your child in one of our vans or buses to our Martial arts facilitday care in pasadena texasy.   Everyone suits up in their TaeKwonDo uniforms and attend a  Martial Arts class.  After class, students are ready for you to pick them up after work.  The great news is that Tae Kwon Do class is done and the rest of the evening is free for homework, family time and recreation.  The best news is that you know they weren’t just sitting around for 3 hours after school doing nothing. Plus you get both martial arts & after school care for one low price, saving you money.




Martial Arts classes with no need for daycare

"For a great price, my child ... learns TaeKwonDo from experienced, caring instructors. 

 Rebecca Keys, Mother of a NinjaCare Student


In a typical Daycare kids just run around or do nothing at all.


Our students are involved in an after school program that develops

Confidence & Discipline. 


If you already pay for Daycare then its like getting all the benefits of our Martial Arts program at No Extra Cost.





MASTERS specializes in developing Focus & Self Discipline in children in a Positive and Exciting environment. 

This Self Discipline will translate to better concentration at school and at home, while doing homework, and therefore better grades and better learning. 

Plus developing Discipline now creates the framework for success in the future.



The Discipline you have taught him helped

The discipline you have taught him helped him in his first solo competition on the Viola. For his first 6th grade competition he played 8th grade music and received a 1, which is the highest possible score. We thank you for helping Ram to be his best.

                                                      - Sharon Moore, Mother of 12 year old Black Belt





Confidence might be the number one best indicator of future success.  We know that in order to create great martial artist we must develop kids with strong Confidence and Self Esteem.

We find that our students do well in sports, make friends easily and never ever get bullied.

Developing Confidence early is the key to success in any endeavor in life.




Now he talks about going to college

I just wanted to express to MASTERS what it has done for my son Timmy. He has just received his black belt. I am so proud and thankful to MASTERS. MASTERS has made a big difference in my son’s life. Timmy had a lack of confidence. He never talked about going to college. Now he talks about going to college and he cares about his grades. Tae Kwon Do at MASTERS has given my son confidence.

                              - Mrs. Zellars, Mother of 14 year old Black Belt




From Kicks to Confidence

Thanks for all you’ve done for Wyatt & Dennis. In addition to your Tae Kwon Do Instruction you’ve done a lot for their confidence, especially at this critical time in Wyatt’s life. Many thanks.

                                             - Karen & Otis Clifford





My son Christopher joined MASTERS TaeKwonDo back in June 2008, he was having a lot of issues in school. He was evaluated as emotionally distressed. Since he has joined MASTERS his behavior has improved, he has good discipline, shows good respect and has high self esteem. MASTERS has been a great help to me and my son.

 - Yvonne Cervantes, Christopher’s mother


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Enroll only after having a chance to evaluate our program and you are sure that we are the right school for you and that our program will be educational and beneficial for your child







No one could teach as many students as we have for as long as we have without offering something really special.

(it's 32 years now but we didn't want to redo the cool graphics)



Master Weissfisch

 TaeKwonDo Champion



One of the most decorated

Heavyweight fighters

in U.S. Taekwondo  history

•2000 Pan Am Championships - Gold Medalist
•1997 Maccabiah World Championships- Gold Medalist
•1997 U.S. Open - Gold Medalist
•1994 World Cup - Bronze Medalist
•3X National Championships- Gold Medalist
•4X National Collegiate Champion
•6X Texas State Champion
•Captain of U.S. Collegiate Team & 2000 U.S. National Tae Kwon Do Team.

2012 & 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Coach

 Master Weissfisch was selected as a part of the coaching staff for the 2012 Olympic Games in London and 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  This is why MASTERS is one of the few schools in the country that can give children that Winning Mentality, Confidence & Self Discipline of an Olympic Champion.


Top Notch Staff

All of the MASTERS Instructor staff, from the Chief Instructor down to Assistant Instructors are trained and certified in the MASTERS system developed by Master Weissfisch.  They are taught to be skilled Martial Artists and also how to be great teachers. 


At MASTERS we hire instructors who really care about their students


Master Barbara Kunkel

"If you want your child to excel in not just Martial Arts, but in life then this school is for you. Master George Weissfisch is committed to influencing the community as well as the nation.

He has a desire to not only teach, but to empower kids and adults to be the best they can be and then go out and pass it on.

I had the opportunity to be a teammate with Master Weissfisch on the U.S. National Taekwondo Team where he represented the U.S. well in competition, & then passed on his experiences to his athletes. He then became one of our National Team Coaches, once again sharing his expertise on a national level. "

2000 U.S. Olympic Team


Master Peter Bardatsos

"Master Weissfisch was my teammate on the US National team for 5 years. Not only was he my teammate and a great friend but he is a wonderful person and one of greatest martial artists of our time.

I have seen him interact with kids, teenagers and adults and he is the consummate professional in whatever he does.

If you are anywhere near his school in Texas, I highly recommend this place."

6X U.S. National Team

MASTERS offers something very different than all the other martial arts schools around...

Would you like to see what sets us apart?







Pasadena Location

Pearland Location

Pasadena TX & Pearland TX

3432 Spencer Hwy.
Pasadena Texas 77504
Between Strawberry & Burke
Behind Popeye’s & Smoothie King

1 Mile from Beltway 8

11901 Shadow Creek Parkway  Ste. 129
Pearland Texas 77584
Between Kirby & Reflection bay

Next to Dollar Tree

Shadow Creek Ranch Area







He is now on the Honor Roll at his school

My family has gone through a tremendous hardship in the last year and a half.  Although we are on the road to recovery, we could not have made it this far without the help of your Tae Kwon Do program and your staff.  Your program is not only teaching my son self-defense, but self-discipline and self-confidence and I can’t tell you enough what a difference it has made in his life.  Basically I found balance in my life and my son’s life at MASTERS.  He is now on the Honor Roll at his school and he looks forward to learning.

                                                                                - Elizabeth D. Elizalde





We are NOT a Daycare.  We are not licensed as a daycare by Texas Child Care licensing.  We are a professional Martial Arts Academy with over 30 years of teaching experience.  The ONLY reason to enroll in our NinjaCare program is to learn Martial arts and obtain the Confidence, Self-Discipline and Self Defense skill that comes with it.




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